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Zimmer enPuls PRO

Zimmer’s new enPuls PRO brings even Zimmer’s shockwave technology to a new level!

• Integrated Patient VAS scale to track pain intensity over a series of treatments

• Large 12 inch Colour, Capacitive Touch Screen with “cellphone style” interaction

• Two hand piece inputs (2nd hand piece included) allowing high-volume clinics even faster patient processing

• Custom, wheeled cart (included) for easy storage and movement between treatment areas


High Definition, Colour Touch Screen Control  

Direct access to all necessary parameters of treatment, including a list of indications with guidelines and extensive programs.
• Preset therapy protocols including pictures of the treatment area.
• Visual and written instructions on screen and fully integrated with treatment screens
• Touch screen operated
• Shock counter
• Body Map indications menu with preset treatment protocols
• Fully customizable treatment parameters

Multi-lingual interface allows you to pick the language you want to work in.

Full On-screen Protocols Protocols are represented both visually and with text instructions on screen.

Total Control Modify any existing protocol or design your own

No Noisy, Messy Air Compressor and Portable
There are no noisy, heavy, messy air compressors to drag around, listen to, maintain or drain which also makes                                                                                                                     the Zimmer enPuls PRO light weight and portable.

Unique enPuls “Soft” Shockwave
enPuls creates unique shockwave pulses by using a projectile 5 times heavier than standard air compressor systems and a                                                                                                     reduced final velocity upon contact with the applicator. Through the force of the accelerator and mass of the projectile,                                                                                                          the pulses carry the same amount of mechanical energy, but are more comfortable for the patient than other shockwave systems.

Increased patient compliance
The longer pulse rise time maintains the energy without the need for unpleasant high peak pressure amplitudes.                                                                                                                        The lower peak and longer rise time minimizes the stinging and painful sensation normally associated with this type of therapy.                                                                                        Because of increased patient compliance, your investment in the science of Zimmer will continue to pay dividends for years.
Less pain, same efficiency = enPuls softshot technology.


Upgrades are Simple The standard SD card can be easily exchanged or updated with the latest preset programs,                                                                                                       illustrated preset treatment recommendations and software upgrades.

Store your favourites
Store up to 120 programs to the favourites folder and another 120 customized programs in your memory folder on the SD card

2 Million Shot Warranty
A powerful, electro-magnetic propulsion chamber with high percussion, perfect control, and low mechanical wear provides for an                                                                                extended lifetime of reliability and performance. We guarantee our hand piece to a MINIMUM of 2 Million shots, however, history has shown that 2.5 to 3 million shots is often achievable before servicing is required.

Low Maintenance – Since the enPuls PRO has no messy air compressor to service, there is no ongoing maintenance required.

Sets up and is ready for treatments in seconds

Comes with everything you need

• Main Unit / Touch Screen Display Controller / SD card
• 2 Ergonomic Hand pieces
• Cart with storage and 2 hand piece holders
• Omni Directional Foot Switch
• 2 x  15mm Applicator “Heads”
• 1 x 25mm Applicator “Head”
• 1 x 6mm Applicator “Head”
• 10 x Silicone Cap Covers
• 1 x  bottle of EnPuls Lotion
• Connection cables an user manual
• 3 year warranty on unit, 2 million shot warranty on applicators.  Use of a loaner if repairs are needed.